Configure your electricy prices table

Western Denmark: DK1 - Eastern Denmark: DK2 - godspeed finding your own area :)
DKK is calculated from EUR using the latest exchange rate.
This will add the static price you fill in to the price taken from Nordpool. Since taxes etc. differ from region to region and between electric companies you can calculate your own fixed value and fill it in.
This will ignore the currency setting and show all prices as the percentage of the daily max. A maximum price of 12 cents over the shown time period will show 50% in a timeslot where the price is 6 cents.

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The price is the expected spot price on electricity. It does not include taxes, fees etc. and the calculation is never more precise than the data supplied by Nordpool and the Danish National Bank (used to convert from EUR to DKK) and my code is not guaranteed to be bug free.

Every day at around 12pm - 1pm the price for the next 24 hours is agreed upon. This means that up until that timeframe you may see fewer than 24 timeslots with electricity prices. That's just how it works.